Benefits of Planned Giving

All of us who live and work in northeastern Montana stand to benefit from continued quality healthcare and medical services. Each time you give a gift to the Foundation you help sustain a stronger healthcare future for us all.

Endowment Fund

The Foundation's Endowment Fund is simply a pool of assets we hold and invest to provide long-term growth interest and dividends. The principal of the Endowment fund is never spent, ensuring stability for our local healthcare needs far into the future. Some of the earnings are used each year to provide funds to the medical and healthcare needs of our local area. So, the larger the endowment fund, the more dollars available for meeting immediate and annual needs. This is why we say that gifts given to the endowment fund "keep giving, year after year." They make a difference for a lifetime!

Montana Endowment Tax Credit

This tax credit (enacted by the MT Legislature in 1997) allows donors to pay less in Montana income taxes by giving a planned gift to a permanent endowment fund of a qualified Montana charity (like the Foundation for Community Care). With a planned gift, an individual receives a credit on his or her Montana income tax bill equal to 40% of the federal income tax deduction for the gift. there is a maximum $10,000 tax credit, per year per individual. What an outstanding incentive to donate! Corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies can also qualify for this credit (at 20%) with outright gifts of cash, stock, etc. This tax credit is available in Montana through 2019. Click here to see how planned giving can be made simple.

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Melissa Boyer, CPCA, Planned Giving Officer


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