Michele Miller

I caught Michele Miller, owner of the Burns Creek Inn located in Savage, Montana, as she was dropping off her Wine & Food Festival participation form.  She was such a good sport and sat down and let me interview her.

Melissa:  Michele, how long have you owned the BCI?

Michele:  4 years now.

Melissa:  How long have you been involved with the Wine & Food Festival?

Michele:  4 years.

Melissa:  Thanks for your support and commitment to this event!  What keeps bringing you back?

Michele:  When I managed Pizza Hut, we used to have a table at the Wine & Food Festival and it was fun then.  I love coming to this event and seeing all the people.  It’s also for such a good cause and it gets our name out there.

Melissa:  You’ve owned the Burns Creek for 4 years.  What made you want to own that business?

Michele:  My Great Grandfather Emil Nitschke owned it once upon a time.  Back then it was called the Star Bar, so I’ve always had a desire to own it.  The opportunity presented itself, and it just worked out.  Savage needs a place like the BCI.  It’s a friendly place for food, sports, and families.  I just want to make sure it’s there for our community.

Melissa:  What will you be serving at the Wine & Food Festival this year?

Michele:  For the last three years, I’ve showcased a tasty meatball, similar to a burger that you can order at the bar.  This year I thought I would mix it up a little and make a recipe that has been handed down to me from my Great Grandmother Miller.  It’s a Swedish meatball, and you can’t get it at my restaurant, and no, I won’t hand out the recipe!

Melissa:  Well, we are so happy you will be joining us again this year.  Thank you for your continued support!