The Foundation for Community Care has been funding healthcare in Richland County for 37 years. An endowment has grown to over $8 million, ensuring long-term growth and funding capability. Each year, the Foundation Board gives 5% of our total endowment value to fund healthcare grant needs. It is a fair statement to say that there is not a single Richland County resident that hasn't been impacted in some way by the grants distributed through the Foundation. Over $3 million has been granted to Sidney Health Center since 1984, as well as health organizations throughout Richland County. In 2022 the Foundation distributed a total of about $355,705.50 in grants, but the need is larger than that. Each year, the Foundation receives over $1 million in qualified grant requests. Click here to view our grant recipients for 2022! 

Visit the links on this page to access and view qualifications for annual grant awards.