Foundation Offers Scholarship Opportunities
March 1, 2019
Applications are now available for two scholarship programs offered by the Foundation for Community Care for new and continuing college students in the 2019-2020 academic year. 

The first program offered by the Foundation Board of Directors is the annual Healthcare Scholarship program. Richland County and surrounding area residents pursuing an education in a healthcare field who intend to live and work in the area are encouraged to apply for funding. Applicants must have completed one year at a post-secondary university or college. The Healthcare Scholarship program is designed to help create a healthcare workforce for Sidney Health Center and the Richland County area. 

The second program is a local education focused scholarship opportunity. The Jessica Vannatta Memorial Scholarship was created by her father, Greg Vannatta. The scholarship is awarded to a resident in Richland County and the surrounding area who is pursuing a degree in education at a college or university. Both high school and college students are eligible to apply. 

"Healthy, strong communities start with a great educational framework, and access to quality care," Foundation Senior Executive, Gina Heckey said. "Rural communities across the country have been hit hard by the loss of both teachers and healthcare providers. Through the Healthcare Scholarship and the Jessica Vannatta Memorial Scholarship we can do our part to invest in a stronger community." 

Qualified applicants can apply by contacting the Foundation for Community Care at (406)488-2273. Applications, requirements and guidelines are available at the Foundation office or on the Grants/Scholarships page of this website. Application deadline is April 30, 2019. 

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