Bridge Fund
December 8, 2021


There are times in our lives, when things can seem insurmountable. Especially when you or someone you love is sick, injured, or in need of medical treatment that can’t be accessed nearby.  That’s where the Bridge Fund comes in.  

The Bridge Fund helps individuals and their families with travel assistance when they suffer from an illness or medical condition that a Sidney Health Center provider feels would be best treated outside of the area. These families face worry, stress, and often  extreme financial burden. The Bridge Fund helps to directly ease those troubles through generous and selfless community support. This gesture sometimes makes all the difference during a very serious healthcare crisis by helping to bridge both the distance to healthcare providers, and financial hardship at the same time.

When you make a gift to the Bridge Fund, either a memorial gift or an honorary gift, we’ll send a special holiday card to whomever you request.  Your donation will also be recognized on a special Bridge Fund page on our website. Bridge Fund recipients are awarded $500 each, which helps with travel expenses and to offset unexpected financial needs in an emergency situation.  Any donation amount will potentially impact a friend, neighbor, or family member in their greatest time of need. 


The Foundation for Community Care Staff

P.S. Five hundred dollars can be the difference between a life saving treatment, or missing an all too important doctor appointment. Help build a bridge this holiday season. 

To make an online gift, please click here!

To view the special Bridge Fund page listing donors, honors, and memorials, please click here!