Foundation for Community Care Awards $355,723.87 in 2021
July 27, 2021

Founded in 1983, the Foundation for Community Care holds true to its mission of "ensuring access to excellent, lifelong healthcare services for our community."

A portion of the Foundation's investments are awarded to support area groups and organizations that help promote the mission of the Foundation. One-hundred percent of every donation made to the Foundation for Community Care stays in our community for current and future healthcare needs.


Grants to Community Organizations

Sidney Svarre Municipal Pool - $5,000.00

Funding towards a Security System to monitor swimmers, spectators and staff safety and increase security for the facility against vandalism. 


Richland County Health Dept - $4,000.00

Funding for the Infant Car Seat and Education and Installation Program.

Savage Sunrise Manor - $2,300.00

Purchase of wheelchair, bed and chair alarms and recliner lift chairs so that residents can feel safe and secure on the go and at home.


Richland Opportunities, Inc. - $9,000.00

Purchase Arjo Patient Lift and Wheelchair Scale providing a safer way to monitor client's health and needs. 


Boys & Girls Club of Richland County - $5,000.00

Purchase additional pads for Exergame System so there can be more participants at the same time which helps to promote exercise and activity when outdoor activities are not an option.



Richland County Health Dept - $2,300.00

Purchase FIT (Fecal Immuno Chemical Test) kits for non-invasive, at-home colon cancer screening offered to men during Sidney Health Center's Men's Health Screening Event.


Fairview Schools - $25,000.00

Funds towards the purchase of ADA complaint playground surfacing and inclusion equipment for all abilities and ages.




Sidney Public Schools - Central Elementary Gyms - $15,000.00

Install permanent, telescoping bleachers for safe and accessible sating used by students, educators and spectators during school hours, activities and events.


Richland Youth Hockey Association - $3,625.00

Funds to install a water fountain with bottle filler conveniently located for a healthy option to keeping athletes and spectators hydrated. 



Grants to Sidney Health Center 

Sidney Health Center - $9,700.00

Handheld Glidescopes for the ease of intubation in patients receiving care in the Emergency and Surgical departments.


Respiratory & Cardiac Therapy - $30,000.00

Funding towards purchase of a new medical treadmill system for cardiac stress testing. This system will allow SHC to continue to be the only facility in the region offering nuclear cardiac testing.


Cancer Care - $7,480.00

Bladder Scanner Ultrasound to quickly and non-invasively diagnose, manage and treat urinary functions.



Respiratory & Cardiac Therapy - $62,000.00

Funding towards purchase of a portable spirometry system and new body box system for follow up pulmonary function testing of patients receiving chemo and post COVID-19 care.

Rehab Services - $15,200.00

Upgrading primary therapy equipment (recumbent bike, NuStep, and Total Gym) impacting patients with wide range of therapeutic needs.




Audiology Clinic - $10,403.00

Biologic AuDX Pro OAE testing machine allowing the Sidney Health Center Audiology Clinic to continue to provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations for the newborn hearing screening program, difficult to test patients, interoperative patients, and at-risk patients for hearing loss from noise exposure.

OB/GYN Clinic - $67,895.00

Phillips Affiniti 70 Ultrasound System for use in clinic with obstetric patients and gynecological procedures.


Extended Care - $6,610.30

Bladder Scan BVI 6100 for preventative bladder care and accessing urological needs allows for efficient treatment and assists in maintaining the highest possible level of function for residents.

Imaging Department - $9,805.80

Transrectal Ultrasound Probe to accommodate the best services possible for patients experiencing prostate exams and biopsies.


Imaging Department - $62,000.00

Replacement of C-Arm providing the highest quality of care and imaging while enhancing workflow in the Surgical Services Department.


Sidney Health Center Clinic - $4,404.77

NeoBlue phototherapy system allows parents the ability to provide treatment of jaundice in newborns in the comfort of their own home.