Employee Contribution Programs

As part of their contributions to the community, companies can encourage and support the philanthropy efforts of their employees. This can be done by implementing a workplace giving program and facilitating payroll deductions for employees' charitable gifts. Some businesses choose to match the employees' cash contributions to nonprofit and community organizations or donate to a community organization where an employee has volunteered a significant number of hours during the year.


It's good for business.
Support for local causes is a good way for a business to develop a positive reputation, reinforce relationships with customers and develop closer relationships with community leaders and officials.
It's a sign of leadership.
Great business leaders are also leaders in the community. A business owner who stands up for a cause can inspire others to get involved and can create confidence and optimism.
It builds company morale, cohesiveness, and stability.
Contributing to organizations and community groups that employees care about enables business owners to promote a more positive work environment and build shared pride in the company's role in the community. Studies have shown that this can help attract and retain employees.
It can give your company a recruiting edge.
In the MonDak, community workers have a variety of choices of employment. A philanthropy program shows the potential employee that your business is committed and invested in the local community, and that can make the difference in their decision.
It's good for the community.
Studies show that vibrant, healthy communities have strong charitable and educational organizations. These are supported by the volunteer tie and financial contributions of community citizens and local businesses. Businesses understand the importance of a high quality of life to a healthy business environment.