Planned Giving

We encourage gifts to the Foundation for Community Care's Endowment Fund, which is like an interest-earning savings account for community health. Donations to the endowment fund are invested and the principle is untouched to maintain a strong financial base for future healthcare needs. Each year, the Foundation distributes some of the earnings from the endowment fund for present health and medical projects.

When you make a gift to the Foundation for Community Care, you are helping make sure that we will have the quality healthcare we all deserve. Rural Eastern Montana is a great place to live and work. Having funds available for the best medical technology, lifelong treatment and emergency care is essential to maintaining our unique way of life.

Your gifts to the Foundation for Community Care are tax-deductible. All gifts -large or small-are greatly appreciated and help provide outstanding medical care for our community. Gifts can be planned to gain numerous tax benefits as well as lifetime income.

A charitable bequest through your will is a legacy that will impact future generations. All gifts are added up to reflect your cumulative giving and honored on our Donor Recognition Wall at Sidney Health Center.