Jerry and Robin Watson of Footers in Sidney have graciously agreed to donate 5 party sized subs for our Artist reception on November 1st.  I stopped by to thank them for their generosity.

Melissa:  How long have you been the owner of Footers?

Jerry: Robin and I have owned it for 6 years, but I’ve worked here for 23.  When I started here, minimum wage was $4.25!

Melissa:  Why do you think Footers is so successful?

Jerry:  Where else can you get a sandwich name after you?  I think the personality of the store keeps people coming back.  We also try to keep it community oriented.

Melissa:  All of us at the Foundation want to thank you for donating you subs for our artist reception.  Why do you like to support the Foundation?

Jerry:  We like to support the COMMUNITY and the Foundation supports the community.  We are here for the community and we want everyone to know that.  We aren’t a corporate business just after your money.  We have relationships with our customers.  We probably know your favorite sandwich before you order it.  We pay attention to the details because our patrons matter to us.

Melissa:  I think it shows!  Your store is often the first to try new things.

Jerry:  Like gluten free wraps and I think we are the only ones with Keto wraps.  We try to be responsive to our customers requests.

Melissa:  I just want to clear up something about your chili.

Jerry:  Me, too.  It is 100% homemade and 100% meat free!  It’s a recipe that Bill and I came up with years ago.  It’s hot and very good.  Everyone should try it!

Melissa:  I have and I can vouch for you!  Thanks again for your support!

Jerry:  We’re here for the community!