Pizza House

While sitting down to have a mighty delicious lunch at the Pizza House, Jen Moore, owner, sat down for a visit. She had LOTS of exciting news to report. Hold on to your oven mitts!

Jen: How’s the soup?

Melissa: Tasty, as always! What’s new at Pizza House?

Jen: Well, we are going to be featuring our Raspberry Flatbread Cheesecake at the Wine & Food Festival. And some sweet and savory hot wings. This week, you will be able to order all of your Pizza House favorites online. In the coming weeks, we will be serving breakfast, and if it takes off, we will be delivering breakfast-or what I call “Breakfast in Bed!” And if you have that person on your Christmas list who is really hard to buy for, we will also have some Pizza House merchandise on the way.

Melissa: Whoa. That is a lot going on! 

Jen: I know! It’s all very exciting for us. There will be some growing pains, so bear with us.

Melissa: How can people find out when exactly these changes will be happening?

Jen: Pizza House on Facebook is a really easy way to check out what’s going on. In July, we joined Instagram and people can find us at Sidney Pizza House there. To order online go to  Our entire menu is there for our customers to choose from. You can even order days in advance. We will also be selling our merchandise there in the near future. Erin at Screen Play does a great job with our “Merch!” Or call us at 433-1917.

Melissa: So I can order a pizza AND a Pizza House sweatshirt to be delivered?

Jen: Hypothetically, yes!

Melissa: You are changing the face of your industry. Well done! We are so glad to have you join us at the Wine and Food Festival this year.  

Jen: The Foundation does so much for our community.  

Melissa: You are a huge supporter of the Foundation and other non-profits in our area. You’ve hosted a Hard Hat Tour event right here at Pizza House, supplied pizza for other Hard Hat Tour fundraisers, and participated in several Wine & Food Festivals. Our community is blessed to have you. Your giving nature is inspiring!

Jen: Oh, thanks, this community means so much to me and my family. I like giving back any way I can.