Reynold's Market

If you haven’t tried the sushi at Reynold’s Market, you are in luck!  It will be at this year’s Wine & Food Festival!
I met up with Libby Berndt and Loren Kutzler at Reynold’s Market to talk about what else might be on the menu.

Melissa:  Reynold’s Market has been a staple in this community for some time.  When did it open in Sidney?

Libby:  The first store opened in Glendive in 1925, then a few months later the Sidney store opened.

Melissa:  Reynold’s Market does a fantastic job supporting the community.  Why do you feel it’s important to support the Wine & Food Festival?

Libby:  Reynold’s Market believes in community and because of that we reach out so we can support our local non-profits.  The Foundation for Community Care is a vital part of our area.

Melissa:  Speaking of supporting area non-profits, that reminds of the program Reynold’s Market offers community non-profits called Friends of Reynolds.  The Foundation for Community Care has been a part of that since the beginning, and we are so thankful for that. (For those of you who shop at Reynold’s Market, when you are checking out, tell them you want to support the Foundation and give them the number 1035.  A portion of your purchase will benefit our non-profit!  So cool!)

Loren:  So this year, we want to feature our sushi again, but bring more since it went so fast last year.  I think we will bring pulled pork sliders as well, at least that’s what they tell me from the meat department.  And I suppose we will have a few of our holiday trays for people to try out, too.

Melissa:  That really does sound good to me!  Where can people call if they have any questions?  

Libby:  You better list Loren at the contact at (406) 433-2305, or they can find us on Facebook  at Reynold’s Market Sidney, or at

Melissa:  I really appreciate your support each and every year at the Wine & Food Festival!