Richard St. Germain

This year’s Wine & Food Festival is featuring something new for our V.I.P. guests. Attendees sitting at sponsored tables will get a special selection of 5 star food selections, prepared by Richard St. Germain of Sunrise Café at Sidney Health Center.

Melissa: Richard, what can our V.I.P. guests expect to see on their plates from your kitchen?

Richard: For a V.I.P. event like this, I have come up with a delicious menu.  Each plate with have a beef medallion with caramelized pan sauce, grilled sweet spot prawn, and French lamb chop on a bed of couscous with pan fried cauliflower.  There will also be some sweet desert bites, but I haven’t made up my mind on those just yet.

Melissa:  Wow!  How did you come up with that menu?

Richard:  Well, I have a  long history of working in the food industry, going all the way back to when I was 14 working as a dishwasher and short order cook at a Country Kitchen and then eventually started in management there.  Later on I managed Foul Play at the University of Minnesota, then in 1995 I went on to Aramark as an accountant for their cafeterias.  I was then promoted to district manager with the Minnesota Vikings Food Service.  We fed all the Vikings players.  Back then, it was Anthony Carter, Randy Moss and  Daunte Culpepper.  I got to meet all of them.

Melissa:  What brought you to Sidney?

Richard:  In 2007, I started opening food service departments in brand new hospitals all over the mid west.  I was only home 8 days a month and that really took a toll on me.  I missed my family, so I prayed about it and the Lord lead me and my wife, Shelly, to Sidney.  

Melissa:  I know I’m glad you are a part of the Sidney Health Center family!  Why do you feel it’s important to support the Wine & Food Festival?

Richard:  The Foundation helps carry the burden of others.  If I can help support them in their service to others, I will do it.  That’s what it’s all about for me, serving others.