The Fringe

Kyle Welnel has been the manager at The Fringe at Sidney Country Club since May of this year, but the impact he has made in these few short months seems much bigger than what most can accomplish in 6 short months.

Melissa: Kyle, there seems to be quite a few changes happening around the bar and restaurant lately.

Kyle: Yes, I’m trying to get the word out about our great restaurant, food, and upcoming changes.  I’m hoping that being a part of the Wine & Food Festival will help us do that.  This event, for us, is a local opportunity to share our signature food selections with the community while supporting the community.  

Melissa: What will you be serving at the Festival?

Kyle: A selection of our most popular sandwiches, but slider style. A club sandwich slider, turkey bacon hot pepper slider, and a blackened fried chicken slider.

Melissa: I am a huge fan of the turkey bacon hot pepper! I’ve also heard that you may be hosting an event for Cat Griz.

Kyle: On November 23rd, the Fringe will be the place to be. We’re adding 2 televisions above the bar and will be showing the game on all 7 of our TV’s. Check us out on our website for more details to come on that event at You can find us on Instagram at thefringescc and on Facebook at Fringescc, too.

Melissa: Can anyone dine at The Fringe?

Kyle:  The Fringe at Sidney Country Club is a restaurant dedicated to providing quality service and food. We are currently open to the public for lunch Monday through Friday from 11 am - 2 pm and are hoping to expand those hours. On Sundays, we also offer brunch from 10:30 am - 2 pm. Come hungry!

Melissa: Kyle, thanks for sitting down with me and for supporting local healthcare at the Wine & Food Festival.

Kyle: No problem. Should be a good time.