Founder's Society

In 1983, a group of civic leaders in Richland County created the Foundation for Community Care to secure the future of the hospital and area healthcare organizations. Unlike numerous other rural hospitals across the nation that were closing due to a lack of financial resources, Sidney Health Center forged ahead. An endowment fund was established to ensure long-term growth. Each year the Foundation for Community Care Board of Directors grants back 5% of the endowment fund to healthcare related causes. These grants are only made possible by the continued support and generosity of donors and Founder’s Society members.

Established in honor of our nine original founders: A.H. “Bud” Groskinsky, Melvin Leland, Leonard Odenbach, Ing Svarre, Synove Lalonde, Antone Carda, John L. Olson, Jimmie Ashcraft and Curtis Hunter. Founder’s Society members are special people who recognize the importance of medical care to the community, and they are willing to make a significant commitment to the Foundation for Community Care.